Welcome to the wonderful world of S H E N + T H É ° C I T Y.

A lifestyle, living and London loving blog about the incredible City. A go to guide for things to do, righteous reviews, hidden treasures and the get up and go push everyone needs to make the most of the megalopolis of Londinium (Roman for London).

I am an ordinary London girl, born raised and living in the heart of the energetic and addictive chaos of the city. Valuing everyday and making the most of every aspect of life.

I started blog writing to give myself a nudge to fill my diary with fun fueled, lively and compelling outings, crazy ambitious and new ideas and to ensure that I was kept on my feet, which is what I love most about a day.

Finding things to do can be a headache if you make it one, I tend to set my week from Monday and it gives me a week of awesome adventures and pleasing plans. But, like everyone I too have my chill out days where I do a little adult colouring, watch a few TV series and reply to penpal letters (I write to friends around the world!).

So yeah, thats me and this is my little piece of the world wide web. Enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by!



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