Escape Plan – 60 minutes to Escape!!!

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60 minutes to escape, be quick, be smart and be team ready.

Last week my group of Time Out Tastemakers were locked into a Prisoner War camp and sent back to WWII. Sirens, bombs and the sounds of planes instantly got our hearts racing. The room replicated that of a WWII scene perfectly.

Let the game begin.

After our ‘game master’ Brendan handed us a very useful Journal left behind by the successful escapee Bob Hails, the only prisoner to have escaped the P.O.W barracks, we were locked into the room and our hour count down began.

All around the rooms were clever puzzles, code breakers and creative challenges.

Team work is absolute key and the only way to guarantee freedom is to put your brains together, collect intelligence, gather the smallest of details and crack the individual, unique and clever challenges as a collaborated group of comrades.

Each and every prop in the rooms were perfectly placed and the real detail really absorbed you into the experience. I was very quickly fully immersed and scratching my head trying to crack the code. With just 1:53 minutes left on the clock my team of comrades successfully escaped and added to the Freed Board *Do the moon walk*. I cannot lie, I definitely felt like a little school girl who had just won the school quiz, I was ecstatic to have made it through the final door.

The question is, will you escape in 60 minutes or will you be trapped?

Located down a cobbled Victorian yard between Kennington and Elephant and Castle stations, this place is a must for any occasion. Whether you want to experience a fun night out with a group of friends on a Friday night, build up team skills with your work colleagues, celebrating a stag or hen night, double dating or even just to have a go at playing a Live Escape game in the heart of London, Escape Plan is a truly nutty, fun driven, brain boggling experience.


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