Kensington Palace

Yesterday was a very fine Saturday my other half and I took a trip to Kensington Palace and gardens. Cyclist galore, the pathways were full of cycle parties, couples arm locked, parents and children laughing. It was a really lovely atmosphere.


Home to the Royals since the 17th century accompanied by 270 acres of green grass gardens, directly West to Hyde Park. You soon drift off into the peaceful ambience.





After a slow amble, we took a walk down Kensington Gardens passing the huge ambassadors residences and embassy homes, no photographs allowed im afraid. The billionaires boulevard, with the average house price costing over £122 million. The half a mile long most expensive tree lined road has been addresses to embassies since the 20th century.

After passing the mega rich elite mansions we cooled off with the new McDonald’s Strawberry lemonade ice drinks, the new addition to their cold drink range, very nice.

A day spent amongst mansions in Kensington and Notting Hill came to a close after a proper bangers and mash for dinner, and shisha at our local café. A Saturday well spent I’d say.

S H E N & T H E ° C I T Y


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