My top 4 facial Body Shop buys

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Here are my top 4 Body Shop buys for your face.




Okay so I’m in love with the All-In-One BB cream. It does exactly what it says online,  transforms from a white cream to suit your skin tone. Extremely light weight, pigment filled molecular capsules burst once applied onto your skin, releasing that very silky soft finish colour. It gives an effortless even finish leaving skin feeling natural with a natural finish, without the cloggy heavy feel.

You simply dot your face with some of the product and blend with your fingers, it requires minimal time. Such simply application. By far the best BB cream I have come across.

A makeup and skin care product all in on bottle, makes a perfect addition to anyones bag on those hot summer day.

The Body Shop £12 (5 tones to choose from)



This has been my only go to night cream for over a year now and I don’t think that will change.

Hydrating and moisturising the skin whilst you sleep. The slight thick but soft cream absorbs into the skin almost like a primer, with an instant silky finish. You simply rub the product on your face and neck then let the magic work over night. In the morning your skin is left feeling like new skin, almost as if your skin has been reborn over night.

I have quite dry skin around my nose area so I can be very sceptical about what I put on my face. This product is great and the try results shin every morning.

This cream is magical, I bought the 15ml tub a while ago and there’s still loads of product left. You only require a small amount of product so it really does go a long way.

Body Shop £4 (15ml), £12 (50ml)



For that glowing all day, fresh feeling,  healthy skin this product is by far the best of the best.

I have always been a huge fan of the hydrating and nourishing results that vitamin E does to the body,  especially for .

Like any other face cream you simply dot some product on your cheeks nose and neck and softly rub. The product quickly absorbs into the skin and you feel the results instantly.

We all want to keep our skin fresh and healthy-looking. Treat your skin daily with our bestselling daily moisture cream containing nourishing Vitamin E to hydrate and leave skin feeling silky soft and beautifully smooth. The moisturising effects of Vitamin E can help to ward off dryness and keep skin hydrated. 

No wonder why this cream is leading bestseller on The Body Shop website.

The Body Shop £11 (50ml)



This stuff is satisfaction in a bottle. Numerous times I’ve used a makeup wipe to remove my makeup, to be left with dry feeling skin and makeup still present on my face.

The Body Shop aloe calming toner removes all traces of the days makeup and grime. While leaving the skin feeling tighter, softer and primed for moisturising.

You simply squeeze a little bit of the toner onto a cotton pad and rub gently onto the face and neck area.

Although the newest bottle has changed appearance, the product inside remains the same.

The Body Shop £8.50 (200ml)

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