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Go hard or go home. Yesterday and today saw me and my boyfriend definitely go hard at the gym. Legs and bum yesterday, biceps and back today. How do I feel? Absolutely destroyed.

the gym

I used to do Taekwondo when I was a kid, I totally regret not continuing. My teacher always said to me no pain-no gain, I couldnt agree more. If you dont feel a burn dont bother going to the gym. It is most definitely all about reaching that point where your body screams at you, in a good way.

My all time favourite machine at the gym is the Leg press, to get that nice round bum, toned rear and summer sexy shape it is the one machine needed to achieve just that. I started off only able to push a low weight, after several years I am now able to leg press over 90kg and I am not about to stop. It is all about determination and dedication. If you really want to get somewhere, you will get there. For those who are new to the leg press, it is a machine that focuses on quadriceps, hamstring, calves and the gluteus maximus. Compared to doing squats or lunges, the leg press allows a person to press heavier weights.

tottenham hale the gym

I have been a member of TheGymGroup with my other half for a while now, with very cheap non-contractual monthly fees, it is by far the best option gym around. The range of equipment, the wide spread of gyms open around the UK, free classes, and the opportunity to go any time of the day/night, it really does walk over all the gyms charging up to £60 a month with term contracts. I pay £19.99 a month and this gives me the ability to walk into any TheGymGroup gyms across the nation. Training in Birmingham? Gym? Sorted. Gym after work along Southbank? Sorted. Nowadays many mobile monthly contracts cost more, so for the chance to keep in shape, bulk up and attend free classes why not check it out!

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