3 week nails

At the start of the new year I purchased my very first home Gel Nail Kit, from 3 Week Nails. http://3weeknails.com/

I was lucky enough to grab myself a nice little bargain, a 12-piece home gel manicure starter kit with 8 colour polishes for £69, with a massive discount of 78% off the original price of £309 (at the time of purchasing) http://3weeknails.com/product/3-week-nails-starter-kit/

The kit includes 8 UV Gel Polishes (15ml), 1 base coat gel, 1 top coat with cleanser, 150ml of Pure acetone remover, a steel cuticle pusher, a buffer file with multiple sides, a 36 Watt four bulb UV Lamp with 2 minute timer (9 month warranty) and finally step-by-step instructions on how to get the perfect professional nails.

One thing I love about the kit is that you do not need to be a pro at painting, it requires minimal skill to get a really great high gloss, long lasting finish. I am absolutely awful at applying nail varnish, but thankfully with the UV gel you can go over and over one application, unlike nail varnish which tends to get worse the more strokes you do. Another great factor I like about UV gel nails, is that with the lamps they cure in 2mins, that is super lightning speed, making application super fast. Removal is also very quick, you simple soak your hands in the remover for ten minutes then the gel simply rubs off.

With over 100 colours to choose from, there is a colour for every mood, outfit and season. The colours I picked are listed below. Priced at £20 each bottle, they really are a bargain, with salons charging £25-40 to apply the gel for you, why not do it yourself for a cut of the price.

gel nail chart

After having smooth shiny professional nails for a few months, I do not see myself going into another nail salon or going back to ordinary nail polish, gel is definitely the way forward and there is no looking back.

3 week nails

I gave my nails a little pampering this morning. (UV Gel Colour: Pat on Black)


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