Up and Go UK

I took on the Up and Go UK inflatable assault course at Bernie Spain Gardens Southbank today. I had a proper adrenaline rush and my heart was racing as I sat on the bean bags in the queue. With the record timing being 20 seconds I knew my chances of beating it were slim but still who wouldn’t want to take on an inflatable assault course, ninja style. Consisting of blown up hurdles, holes and a giant leap at the end, it was the bouncy castle version of Ninja Warrior. After a pike jump at the end I completed the course in 27 seconds, to later find out on the site it was in fact 36 seconds, *I’d like to stick with the first result given to me at the end by the lady in red (an official) *.


The guy in front absolutely smashed the scoreboard and beat the board, finishing at 19 seconds, well done to the man in the shorts.


Up and Go is the number one Australian breakfast, they produce yummy nutritional high protein, low calorie, whole food breakfast alternative drinks. After an immense lunch time obstacle course I was treated with a complimentary bottle of their chocolate mix. Yum.


The course will be up until Sunday, so if you fancy a go at smashing that leader board and becoming the #UpandGoBounceOff champion, head down to Southbank. Good luck!

After a long afternoon back at the office, it was nice to just chill out and relax with boo to finish the day. Walthamstow was looking very beautiful and blossomed, making for a picture perfect snap.




Happy St George’s Day 🍀

Love Shen&TheCity x’o


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