Petticoat lane munch, Spitalfields and a Sheep?

Currently sat on a busy 18:48, lucky enough to have got a seat. Was just about to watch a bit of Game of Thrones but thought I’d write a little blog update instead.

The sun was out today, always a good thing. For lunch I took a short walk past the Gherkin and grabbed myself a cheap and cheerful, but very delicious Turkish potato gözleme from a small café down Petticoat lane. So what’s a gözleme? its a savoury traditional Turkish, hand rolled doughy flat bread made with various different fillings. At £2.50, it was a lunch time bargain. The queue for the Falafel stall was near enough 30 people long, surely a sign of how nice their wraps are. Petticoat lane street market, definitely a hidden gem in London City.


After a quick wander around Spitalfield market on the look out for a slightly more summer friendly coat, it was back to the office I went.

I give a round of applause to City ‘fitness boutique’ 1Rebel UK for making the most out of an unfortunate event. One of the windows at the front of their City gym was smashed. So in a very clever attempt to cover the evidence of vandalism, they’d boarded the window up and spray painted “SMASH THE WORKOUTS NOT THE WINDOWS #1REBEL” across it.

I was lucky enough to spot my 8th Shaun in the City, ‘Kanzashi’ designed by Kate Strudwick on Lime Street outside the steel-clad Llyods building. Kanzashi is probably my favourite Shaun find so far, with traditional Japanese clothing, flowers and hair sticks. I think my finds are coming along quite nicely.



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