EE Power Bank

EE released a new initiative today with their EE Power Banks, allowing their customers to charge their mobile devices on the go if their running low on battery power. Pretty cool! I purchased a Rav Power a few months ago off Amazon which I carry absolutely everywhere, it has been my life saver. But EE gave away hundreds of these power blocks to hundred of customers absolutely free. After speaking to a lady at the EE counter she did say the offer will be running forever, so if you’re an EE customer and would like to have the power to charge on the go then simple text ‘POWER’ to 365 from your EE mobile (PAYG or Contract customer-with a minimum service of 3months), they’ll send yoy a code and yoy simply pop in store and collect your Power Bank. Another true perk is that if your Power bank is low you simply pop into a local EE store and they’ll trade you with a fully charged one.

EE Power

So during my coffee break today, I picked myself up a power bank, oh and spotted my 7th Shaun in the City at Leadenhall Market.



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