Bermondsey Square Antique Market

What do you do during lunch on your Friday? Well today I went and had a look around Bermondsey Square Antique Market and I was pleasantly surprised. It being my first time at the market I will definitely be back. A short walk from the City Hall and Tower Bridge, the market is a must for anyone around the area during lunch on Fridays. The collections ranged from old photographs, glassware, toys frames and silver trinket boxes. Quite conveniently there’s a Sainsburys right next door, so grabbing a £3 meal deal and eating opposite in the green Park across the road is perfect on a sunny Friday.

Bermondsey Square Antique Bermondsey Square

On the way back I spotted my 4th Shaun In The City on Tower Bridge, ‘Globetrotter’ by Sarah Matthews on the South-West Pier. Pollution levels were said to be pretty high today, but it didn’t stop me taking a skyline view of the City. As an asthmatic I surprisingly wasn’t affected by the smog today.

Globetrotter Shaun London City Hall London Skyline


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