Sunset, Shisha and loads of chocolate

Any excuse to smoke some hookah outdoors and we’ll scoop it up like ice-cream.

Hollow Ponds Shisha at Hollow Ponds

Hollow Ponds is a apart of Epping Forest and only a bus ride away from Walthamstow Central. With a boating lake, ice cream Van and the beautiful sound of nature, it’s a beautiful place to be on a sunny afternoon watching the sun set.

Hollow Pond

After an hour or two smoking shisha near the riverbank my boyfriend and I took a sweet trip to Sweet Choice on Leyton High Road in Bakers Arms Leyton. A ice cream/dessert parlour. Although we are both very much into gym we definitely never say no to chocolate. So after scoffing a plate of Ferrero-Rocher, chocolate coated, nut sprinkled waffle, I single handily took on the Ferrero-Rocher Hot chocolate. I cannot lie, it was extremely delicious and my taste buds thanked me but its not something we could do on a regular basis.

Sweet Choice Dessert


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