Fast and Furious 7

I am from Walthamstow and for many years we have been without a cinema after our only closed. The scene opened up earlier this year and we now have a Walthamstow Empire, meaning trips to the cinema are a short walk away. So after a quick bite in Nandos next door, we (me and mr) got ourselves two tickets to the evening screening of Fast and Furious 7.

I am probably not the only one who got a little teary from this film. I was a little sceptical before watching it on how they would work the film after Paul Walkers passing, but the producers did a really good job and the small but not overwhelming tribute to Paul was beautiful. I am definitely confident in saying this was by far the best fast film so far. The relationship of the actors and actresses glistens throughout and the scenes were powerful and well stunted. Great Street fights, amazing scenes shot in Dubai and most importantly beastly but beautiful cars. One thing I must say and my boyfriend agrees is (slight film spoiler), how on earth did Jason Statham take on the Rock and manage to put him in hospital?

Cinema date night was perfect as always.


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