A Sunday continued…

After an eventful Sunday morning at the Frock Me Vintage Fair in Chelsea and The Saatchi Gallery, for dinner my boo and I met up with another couple for dinner. A very nice Turkish meal at Haz on Cutler Street. My favourite all time Turkish restaurant dish being Yoğurtlu Adana, a yoghurt, tomato, bread and meat ball dish with the perfect amount of spice. The ultimate way to finish off any Turkish meal is to sip down a cup of traditional çay (Tea in Turkish), I like mine with two cubes of sugar. The restaurant was very modern and clean, as were the staff.

Skyyy SkyGarden SkyyGardeen

By the time we decided to leave, London weather proved itself yet again and pelted it down, we got soaked running to 20 Fenchurch Street for our 19:30 at the Sky Garden. The Sky Garden is a free public space at the top of the London famous “walkie talkie” building, that iconic glass masterpiece that melted cars a few summers ago. This place is right across the road from where I work so I have been a few times. With breathtaking 360 views of London from up above, compared to the price tag of The Shard, this is definitely definitely worth an hour or every Londoners time. Although the weather wasn’t great, the views were still spectacular and the London night skyline proved yet again why London is such a beautiful city.


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