The Cinderella Exhibition came to London

The Disney Cinderella Exhibition in Leicester Square Gardens was beautiful and presented by Swarovski. The queue, of adults may I add, went down relatively quickly. Filled with 100 of the official props and magical detailed costumes from the new Kenneth Branagh Disney Cinderella Movie released in UK cinemas tomorrow.

CinderellaPhoto CindersCostumes CinderellaCarriage

I was toured behind the scenes, from film making to production. I was taken back to when I was a little girl as I was walking around the Grand Ballroom. The true workmanship put into designing and tailoring the beautiful dresses was immense with over 30 exquisite costumes designed by the Academy Award-winning costume designer Sandy Powell, with over 1.7 million crystals provided by Swarovski. Swarovski also produced the iconic glass slippers, made from solid crystal. There was even a section of the exhibition where you could virtually try it on. I seriously couldve spent all day long there, but I had work to get back to *Sigh*


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