Guitar Player on the “Tracks” and a nice Cream Beigel

Today was my first day on a 3 day SAS course (Programming 2: Data Manipulation) in the London Broadgate SAS office, as part of my role its a technology im required to know. Unlike a normal start to the day, mine started with a musical performance from a man with a guitar on the train tracks at St James Street Station Walthamstow. After holding up the 08:42 train to Liverpool street he ensured everyone on Platforms 1 and 2 knew he “wanted to be a free human being”.


The day turned out pretty well, despite the late start to the course *clears throat, guitar player dude*. As many might not know, I enjoy making the most out of any free time in the big City of London, including my very short 1 hour lunches during work. For lunch today I made a little trip to Brick Lane, the all famous hippy wacky and very cool East End end streets in Shoreditch. I opted for a very scrummy cream cheese Bagel from “Britains first Beigel shop” and it was Delicious, I was lucky enough to be queuing indoors for only 2mins as it is known to go out the door. Definitely a winner! #EastSide



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